High Molecular Intraarticular Gels
Effective solution in arthrosis treatment

High molecular weight

Strong stimulation


Easy to inject

Longest and Monotype HA Chains with RDNA Biofermentation Technology

ALSAVINs contain 3 Million Dalton Longest and Monotype Sodium Hyaluronate produced by RDNA biofermantation technology.This High-tech Biotechnology procedure provides Pure & monotype material.

Suspensive HA structure

Well entangled ALSAVINs exhibit suspensive properties and the distance between HA chains supports stress absorption at molecular level.

Highest Dynamic Viscosity

ALSAVINs ‘shear thinning’ like healty human synovial fluid under increased mechanical stress frequency, that provides articular motion compatibility and smooth movements.

Presenting High Dynamic Viscosity values even at higher shear rates;

Improves Stability
Increases Strength
Delays material degredation
for both static and dynamic conditions

Adaptive Elasticity

Elasticity of Intraarticular HA products plays a significant role in pain relief. The Adaptive Elasticity of Alsavins is increased by the stress frequency which provides progressive shock absorbtion while presenting highly elastic and suspensive responses.

Multiple Benefits From One Injection

The mean WOMAC scores for pain, stiffness and physical funstion before and after a single ALSAVIN ONE intra-articular injection*

Statically significant reductions in pain and stiffness with improved phsical functions at three months vs. the baseline as measured by WOMAC pain scores using a five-point Lİkert Scale 117 patients who received a single ALSAVIN ONE injection in the knee*

Results at 3 months versus baseline
59% Reduction in Pain
45% Reduction in Stiffness
47% Improvement in Physical Function

Significantly Faster Response and Long-Lasting Effects in WOMAC Pain Score

Mean pain reduction in patients’ WOMAC pain scores (n:117) receiving a single injection of ALSAVIN One:

Five units improvement after two weeks
Seven units or greater improvement after three months

%70 of patients who received a single injection of ALSAVIN ONE deemed their overall status to be ‘good and very good’ at week 24, which had increased from ‘very bad’ at baseline.